The Enlightened Touch
Integrated Massage & Energy Healing Therapies

Services and Rates

Investing in massage is an investment in your health.

 Pricing For Massage, Bodywork and Energy Work

$75 Per Hour ~ $100 Per 90 minutes ~ $135 Per 120 minutes

(Aromatherapy added for an additional $10 per session)

$75 AromaTouch Technique using doTERRA essential oils ~ 45 minutes


Massage Services Include:

Therapeutic Massage ~Sports Massage ~ Stretching ~ Lymphatic Drainage

Energy Work Services Include:

Reiki ~ Chakra Balancing ~ Clearing of the auric field ~ Crystal Therapy ~ Tuning forks


Blending of Certified Pure Therapuetic Grade doTERRA Essential Oils can be used upon request during any session to enhance your healing, stress-reducing, relaxation process.

AromaTouch Technique using doTERRA essential oils

With the modalities I provide, allow me to customize a session to specifically fit your needs.