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About Me

I am Pamela L. McHaney, and I am a Certified Massage Therapist and Reiki Master.

 As a Massage Therapist, I studied Swedish massage, Therapeutic massage, Lymphatic massage, Trigger Point, Soft Tissue, Stretching and other modalities through the Monterey Institute of Touch, a local provider of quality bodywork and massage training.  In 2004 I received my 200 hour practitioner certificate.  I continued with my studies and in 2007, I received my 500 hour therapist certificate

As an Energyworker, I received my Reiki Mastership in 2007 as well.  I began my journey in Reiki in 1996, receiving my 2nd degree Practitioner.  In 2006 I began having the "feeling" to proceed with my attunements to Master/Teacher.  I studied with a most wonderful Soul.  Through the years, I have also taken classes and workshops in Chakra Balancing, Energy Balancing & Healing, Crystal Therapy, Chromotherapy, among others.

I was raised believing that Western medicine modalities were the only healing modalities available.  It was not until I had my own life healing crisis in the early 1990's, when I began to search for help outside of modern medicine, because I wasn't getting the help that I needed.  I first began learning Herbology and Iridology.  Through my teacher, I was opened to a new world of alternative therapies on many levels.

I believe all alternative therapies of massage, energy, nutrition, spirit and soul work are wonderful adjuncts to modern medicine.

When I am not continuing my studies, reading, taking workshops or working on my own Soulwork, I am an avid bellydancer.